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Plato is transforming the way the worlds most experienced professionals share expertise and knowledge about the esoteric university admissions process.

We believe that every student deserves an equal opportunity to attend his or her dream university, and Plato provides a transparent and hassle-free method to gain access to an exclusive global network of trusted experts.

Plato's platform connects prospective students with admission experts so that they can get the best guidance to attend their dream school. Every student is unique, and Plato endeavors to provide tailor-made solutions specific to you. Our panel of experts range from current students at prestigious institutions to leading admission consultants and career counselors with the expertise to answer any questions you may have from essay feedback, campus life, career prospects and more.

Our Founders are alumni of Harvard University and understand the challenges students face while navigating through the complex admissions process. Plato seeks to demystify the admissions process by giving you what you need.

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