What is Plato?

Plato is transforming the way the world's most experienced professionals share expertise and knowledge about the esoteric university admissions process.

We believe that every student deserves an equal opportunity to attend his or her dream university, and Plato provides a transparent and hassle-free method to gain access to an exclusive global network of trusted experts.

Plato's platform connects prospective students with admission experts so that they can get the best guidance to attend their dream school. Every student is unique, and Plato endeavours to provide tailor-made solutions specific to you. Our panel of experts range from current students at prestigious institutions to leading admission consultants and career counsellors with the expertise to answer any questions you may have from essay feedback, campus life, career prospects and more. Take a look at a few of our experts here -

Our Founders are alumni of ivy league universities in the US and understand the challenges students face while navigating through the complex admissions process. Plato seeks to demystify the admissions process by giving students what they need.

  • Feedback on how to develop the story for essays
  • Guidance on how to choose recommenders?
  • Identifying and exploiting each school’s unique hot and cold buttons

Expert FAQs

How do I join Plato as an expert?

Its easy to join Plato as an expert by signing up as an expert on www.callplato.com or click [here] to go directly to the expert sign up page.

Who can become an expert on Plato?

All expert applications are reviewed by our team and assessed based on their background, completeness of their profile, and relevance to prospective students. Typically, an expert profile falls under the following five categories though these are not exhaustive –

  1. Current students in US, UK, Australian, Singaporean, and Indian Universities
  2. Alums from universities in US, UK, Australia, Singapore, and India
  3. Admissions consultants
  4. Career coaches and counselors
  5. Subject experts (GMAT, GRE, TOEFL etc)

What standards at expected of experts on Plato?

We expect all experts on Plato to adopt the following community standards -

Accuracy - Ensure that your profile and listing's photos, experience, and general description are accurate and true.

Responsiveness - Respond to each call request within a reasonable time. Cancellations should be prompt and accompany a valid reason.

Calling etiquette – Please join the call at the scheduled time using a clear phone connection in a quiet environment.

Caring - Please also be mindful of the fact that students are often stressed and worry for their careers – a little patience and care will go a long way in establishing trust and confidence with the student.

How do I improve my profile views?

You can adopt the following approaches to improve your profile views -

1. Create a complete profile

A complete profile with a clear, friendly photograph and detailed bio help improve profile views. Please also take 15 seconds towards the end of the call to request students to post a review on your Plato page. Please feel free to reach out to our team on Support@CallPlato.com for feedback customized to your profile page.

2. Set a suitable calling rate

Set an hourly rate in line with your peers with similar achievements and track record. You might want to start with a modest discount and gradually increase your hourly rate.

3. Use social media

Promote your Plato profile page on social media platforms such as Twitter, Linkedin, Facebook. Use multiple platforms and regularly copy-paste links to your Plato profile to help monetize your content.

4. Prepare well for calls

Take time to review the student’s profile and prepare answers to the questions asked in the call request. Good reviews are a great way to improve your profile views and your search ranking on Plato.

What is an effective hourly rate?

The best way to select an hourly rate is to choose a rate comparable to your peers. If you can’t find peers that match your profile on the website, we recommend starting with $60 per hour if you are a student or alum and $100 per hour if you are a professional admissions consultant with over five years of experience. You can then vary the amount depending on demand for your advice.

Student FAQs

How do I sign Up as a student?

Visit www.callplato.com or click [here] to go directly to the student sign up page. You can sign up using your email address, or using your social media profiles on Linkedin, Facebook or Google sign up as a student

How do I make a call request?

  1. sign up
  2. Find an expert: Tell us for which course, degree and country are you looking for help. For example, if you want to do an MBA at Harvard, you could tell us the following -
    • a.Course: business
    • b.Degree: post graduate
    • c.Country: US

    We will then suggest experts that have expertise in US business schools and you can select the relevant expert

  3. Schedule a call: you can schedule a call by choosing the duration of the call, suggesting three time slots and briefly explaining what help you are seeking.

    At this time, you will be asked to pre pay for the call request using a credit card or Paypal. The cost of the call depends on the duration requested and the cost per minute charged by the expert. We offer 100% refund in the small chance the expert has to cancel the call or if you choose to cancel the call 48 hours prior to the scheduled call. A typical refund takes 5-7 days and is absolutely hassle free for you.

  4. Speak with your chosen expert: You can dial into a local number (if available for your country) or a US number at the scheduled time to get customised advice suited to your career goals

What if I can't find an expert?

That's no problem! Write us an email at support@callplato.com and we will custom recruit an expert for you. While you have to pay for regular expert charges, we will not charge extra for the custom recruitment process.

What can I ask on the call?

You can ask anything that you need guidance on. In the past, students have asked about the following -

  • Given my profile and future career goals, which schools should I apply to?
  • What is the total cost of education in XYZ college? How do I get financial assistance?
  • Can you review my essays?
  • Should I apply now or wait for a couple of years for my masters education?
  • I want to choose my undergraduate major. Can you help me with making the right choice?
  • How are college placements in school X Vs Y?
  • I am an international student. How do I best explain why I want to study in college X.